Delivering Sustainable Energy Excellence

Led by a team of telco veterans, Energy Vision redefines renewable power solutions and services for telco sites in emerging markets.

Pioneering Sustainable Energy as a Service

With nearly four decades of expertise as operator, TowerCo, and systems integrator, Energy Vision has been trailblazing the African ESCO market since 2014. Our innovative Pureplay model sets the industry benchmarks for operational excellence and sustainability – maximizing renewable energy availability to ensure uptime reliability based on SLA commitments.

Backed by top-tier financial institutions, we are committed to long-term partnerships that shape the energy landscape, empower communities, and foster sustainability.

Driven by Hybrid Eco-friendly Energy Technologies

From power generation to storage, Energy Vision continues to adopt cutting-edge green technologies in order to reduce environmental impact. Utilizing sustainable hybrid solutions across the entire energy value chain, we ensure optimal energy consumption without compromising power availability.

  • Save Forests
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • ESG Manager in Each Operating Country
  • Hold ISO Certifications

Deep Regard for Environmental
and Social Responsibility

Energy Vision is dedicated to ESG excellence, prioritizing environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and strong governance practices. With ISO certifications and adherence to international standards, we actively reduce our carbon footprint and promote diversity and inclusion within our workforce and communities.

Empowering Connectivity through Innovative ESCO Solutions

With experience managing over 11,000 sites, Energy Vision transforms Telco infrastructure into sustainable Energy as a Service (EaaS) business models. Through substantial investments in capital equipment, we enable our customers to benefit from predictable operational costs while ensuring renewable power availability surpassing contracted SLA.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency through Advanced Analytics & Preventive Maintenance

By merging real-time remote monitoring (RMS) with our EnVision™ AI platform, Energy Vision provides the most reliable and sustainable energy solutions. Through virtual simulations, in-depth analytics, and preventive maintenance, we offer continuous visibility and actionable insights to our NOC, enhancing performance and operational excellence.

Spanning Sub-Saharan Africa and Beyond

With about 400 employees, our dedicated team operates with synchronized efficiency in every aspect of our operations.

Energy Vision in Numbers


Track record of Telco sites


Tons CO2 emissions avoided


Years of Telco expertise


Focused on ESCO & EaaS


Guaranteed SLA

We are driving efficient sustainable energy through innovation.

Moshe Shushan
Founder, Chairman, CEO
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