Optimal Hybrid Power Solutions

Hybrid Power Solutions (HPS) are becoming increasingly attractive for MNO’s and TowerCo’s striving to have a sustainable economic source of power

Energy Vision’s Uniquely Efficient HPS Comprises State-of-the-art Equipment

Energy Storage

  • Battery Storage
  • Super Capacator


  • Diesel Generator
  • Fuel Cell
  • MicroTurbine

DC Power System

Renewable Energy

  • Solar System
  • Wind Turbine

Site Controller & RMS


Energy Vision continuously researches and tests new products, technologies and methodologies, such as AI algorithms and hybrid systems, as well as environmentally friendly fuels, such as E-methanol and Hydro-treated Vegetable oil (VGO). Our goal is to enhance performance and reliability while committing to predictable operational expenses and lower CO2 emissions.


Off-Grid HPS

Our HPS seamlessly integrates energy sources, prioritizing green energy then battery storage, and finally, diesel generators (DG).

When renewable power is insufficient, the system efficiently switches to alternative sources optimizing their usage for high efficiency rather than continuous operation. This ensures uninterrupted power supply to telecom equipment at 48VDC, with the DG charging batteries and powering the load only when needed. The cycle repeats, maintaining optimal energy utilization.

During operation, the DG or alternative source feeds the load (BTS) and charges the batteries. When batteries are fully charged or meet predefined levels, the DG automatically turns off (sleep mode), and batteries power the BTS until the predefined discharge levels are reached. The DG then turns on again, starting to charge the batteries and to feed the load, and this cycle repeats.

On-Grid HPS

Renewable energy is the preferred energy source, even when the grid is available.

If renewable energy is not available, then the objective is to utilize the grid as much as possible and minimize DG run-time when the grid is partially applicable or unstable.

Renewable energy or the grid, via rectifiers, feed the load and charges the batteries. However, during electric outages, solar and batteries feed the load. When the state of charge drops below predefined levels, the HPS controller activates the DG until the grid power is restored.

Energy Vision’s approach to power provision curbs diesel fuel consumption compared to legacy systems by 100% in pure solar sites and by 80% in hybrid sites.

Advantages for On-Grid & Off-Grid Sites

Improved Power Availability and Network KPI’s with Defined SLA

Fast Deployment
and Fast O&M Response

Compliant Eco-friendly Solution Reducing Carbon Footprint and NOX Emissions

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