Harnessing Decades of Telco Power Expertise for a Sustainable Future

With nearly four decades of Telco and TowerCo expertise, Energy Vision leads Sub-Saharan Africa’s ESCO market since 2014. Our innovative pureplay model maximizes renewable energy utilization and guarantees reliable uptime through SLA commitments. With a dedicated team of about 400 employees and a track record managing 11,000+ sites, we revolutionize renewable power solutions for emerging markets.

Equipped with a specialized in-house development team, Energy Vision is pioneering the next generation of optimization solutions tailored to address Telco energy needs. Our BI solution, together with AI implementation, is at the forefront of advancing energy efficiency and availability for emerging markets globally.

Led by Telco veterans, Energy Vision is committed to decarbonizing tower operations through seamless renewable energy integration. Backed by top-tier financial institutions and strategic customers shaping the energy landscape of emerging markets, we’re empowering communities and promoting sustainability every step of the way.


Moshe Shushan

Founder, Chairman, CEO

Tzahi Goshen

Senior CFO

Anit Portman


Yeela Zfira

Chief ESG and Legal Officer

Or Laufer, PhD


Yossi Kallev

VP Procurement & Logistics

Yishai Rahamim


Moshe Horowitz


Gad Barak

CEO, Gabon

Gidon Buller

CEO, Ethiopia

Michael Hadad

CEO, Nigeria

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