Telco Energy Service Company (ESCO)

ESCO and Energy as a Service (EaaS)

As an Energy Service Company (ESCO), Energy Vision has been leading the shift to the Energy as a Service model. Our streamlined EaaS model allows strategic customers to outsource their energy needs, reaping the benefits of our more renewable and energy-efficient systems and experience.

Financial & ESG Benefits

Streamlined Operations: Reduce the burden on management and corporate resources by entrusting us with ensuring reliable power provision to your sites.

Strategic Partnership: From Day-1, we invest in CapEx to guarantee predictable OpEx to our customers, ultimately enhancing customer cash flow and EBITDA.

Peace of Mind: Rest assured knowing you’re partnering with a company that adheres to top ISO compliance standards, including Quality Management Systems 9001:2015, Environmental Management Systems 14001:2015, Health and Safety standard: 45001:2018, and Cyber-Security standards and frameworks ISO 27001.

  • Improve EBITDA
    Structure the transaction as a long-term financial lease (asset and corresponding liability, according to IFSR16). The fees are recorded as a depreciating asset, not as an operating expense, thereby increasing EBITDA.

  • CAPEX Saving
    Energy Vision invests in the new power systems, freeing up customers’ capital for investment in core business.

  • Compliance
    Fully comply with local, UN & ESG Sustainability guidelines.

  • Reduce Volatility
    Lower financial volatility with predictable energy costs and lower credit and equity risk.

Technology and Operational Benefits

Energy Vision delivers end-to-end solutions encompassing power systems design, procurement of top-tier equipment, meticulous installation, fuel provisioning and ongoing operations. Our designs incorporate the necessary safety margins to guarantee performance and meet Service Level Agreements (SLA) targets. To help our customers meet the growing demand for mobile usage, coverage expansion, high speed networks and Universal Service Obligations, we developed a cutting-edge management platform featuring powerful dedicated tools and analytics.

Commitment to
very high SLA

Comprehensive design, supply, installation, and maintenance services for both new and existing sites

End-to-end control with 24 x 7 BI-based NOC support

Renewable Hybrid Power Solutions, Off-Grid and On-Grid, to significantly reduce diesel consumption and carbon emissions

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