Cutting-Edge Renewable Power Technology

Energy Vision integrates cutting-edge power equipment together with proprietary BI optimization software and renewable power sources to create the most reliable, green power systems for MNO’s and TowerCo’s.

24 x 7 NOC Powered by Real-time Remote Management System

Energy Vision operates a network of state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers (NOC) across the country or region and supervised by HQ, ensuring seamless connectivity with all sites within each area. Operating round the clock, our NOCs are primed to promptly dispatch technicians and maintenance teams to address any issue, ensuring uninterrupted operations and unmatched SLA performance.

At the core of each site lies a Controller, orchestrating system operations and facilitating data collection and transmission from and to the NOC through cloud integration. This integration is powered by our robust Remote Management System (RMS) that is equipped with an extensive toolkit tailored for efficient site management. From technicians on the ground to upper management, our RMS empowers personnel at every level.

– Proprietary BI Optimization Engine

The RMS continuously collects data for processing and maintenance. Envision™, our proprietary BI optimization solution, sits as a layer above the RMS to deliver virtual simulations, in-depth analytics, operational excellence and efficiency.

Developed by a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists and engineers with decades of cumulative experience, Envision™ creates a synergy from multiple information systems, including RMS, ERP, CMSS and ESG platforms. This enables Energy Vision managers to control all operating countries, large scale sites in high standards. As part of our development, we installed machine learning (AI) that is continuously being trained on the Envision™ output.

With a proven SLA of 99.9+%,
Energy Vision is setting industry benchmarks

Harnessing the Power of Envision™ – From Smart Efficiency to Performant SLAs

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