Raising Concerns

At Energy Vision we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct in all aspects of our business. We recognize the importance of providing a safe and confidential platform for our employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders to voice their concerns regarding any conduct they believe to be unethical, illegal, or not in line with our business integrity and policies. We do not tolerate reprisals against anyone who speaks openly about such concerns, regardless of whether the concern is ultimately confirmed, as long as it is raised in good faith and not knowingly false.

Anonymity Assurance: We understand the importance of anonymity in certain situations. Therefore, individuals have the option to submit their grievances anonymously through our External Grievance System. We assure that anonymity will be strictly maintained unless disclosure is required by law or is deemed necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

Upon receiving a grievance, we will conduct an initial assessment to determine the nature and severity of the concern raised, concerns will be handled impartially and with utmost confidentiality. This may include disciplinary measures, corrective actions, policy revisions, or any other necessary steps to address the issue and prevent its recurrence. We endeavor to offer feedback to the individual who raised the grievance whenever feasible, ensuring transparency and closure.

Individuals may submit their concerns through various channels:

Email: whistleblowing@genergy.vision
External Grievance System: https://www.faceup.com/c/0jokpifg

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