Nigeria MNO Case Study

Energy-as-a-Service Transformation

Nigeria’s Telecom Industry: A Case Study in Energy-as-a-Service Transformation

Despite substantial growth, Nigeria’s telecommunications sector faces ongoing challenges due to frequent power outages and inadequate energy infrastructure.
A leading telecommunications operator in Nigeria provides comprehensive services, including voice calls, data services, and mobile banking, with widespread network coverage across urban and rural areas.

Energy Vision partnered with the operator to develop a customized Energy-as-a-Service model for its Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and Media Gateway (MGW). This solution integrates PV systems, modular hybrid power systems, and scalable energy storage solutions, as well as remote monitoring and in country 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and management.

Network Operation Center (NOC)


Hybrid Power System

Remote Management System for Enhanced Energy Optimization and Power Continuity

Energy Vision introduced RMS to each site, helping ensure energy optimization and power continuity. Integrated with the NOC, this system facilitates remote configuration and monitoring of operational and technical parameters, such as diesel consumption and power availability.
Our innovative solution involved deploying renewable energy technology, like solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, hybrid power systems, and energy storage solutions, leveraging Nigeria’s abundant solar resources. Advanced monitoring and management systems were also integrated to optimize energy utilization and maintain the highest service level.
Energy Vision was uniquely entrusted with the responsibility for Media Gateways, extending beyond energy-related tasks to critical infrastructure. This reflects a high level of confidence and strong partnership of Energy Visions capabilities.

Energy Vision scope of deliverables include:

Plan, Supply and Install reliable and highly efficient renewable DC power systems

(preventive & corrective)


Grid connection
and monthly costs incurred

Upgrades during
the agreement period

Major Achievements

Local Training
and Jobs Created

99.9% SLA
Energy Availability

CO2 Emission

Total Customer
Satisfaction Performance

9mobile Sites –
Average Monthly Diesel Consumption

9mobile Sites –
Average Monthly CO2 Emission

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