Empowering Mobile Connectivity in SubSahara Africa (SSA)

5 March, 2024 | Energy Vision Team

2023 GSMA Mobile SSA Infographic

In the dynamic Mobile ecosystem in Sub Sahara Africa (SSA), our priority is clear: providing reliable power solutions so Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can keep people connected. With seasoned experts in the field and strong backing from leading financial institutions, Energy Vision’s mission revolves around the success and growth of our valued customers—both Tower Companies (TowerCo) and Mobile Network Operators (MNO).

Our partnership is built on a practical foundation: we invest upfront in CapEx while ensuring predictable OpEx, alleviating our customers’ concerns about upfront costs and unpredictable expenses. This proven model places our customers at the heart of our drive for operational efficiency, empowering them to thrive in a competitive market.

Central to our strategy is a relentless focus on customer success and growth. Leveraging over 35 years of industry experience, we employ automation, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations, deploy sites rapidly and improve SLA levels, ensuring our customers’ needs are always met.


Recognizing the environmental impact of telcom infrastructure, we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency. From exploring new battery options to advancing renewable technologies, our efforts are aimed at not only reducing operational costs but also minimizing our environmental footprint. We are committed to making a tangible difference by reducing CO2 emissions and fostering local economic development through job creation.

By prioritizing reliability and sustainability, we ensure that MNOs can focus on what matters most: keeping people connected. Together, we are shaping the energy landscape and fostering a brighter future for communities.

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