Energy Vision orders eSite x10 telecom site power systems for its new ESCO sites rollout in Nigeria and Gabon

6 April, 2020

Lidköping, Sweden 6th April 2020

Energy Vision the leading telecom ESCO in Africa has purchased eSite Power Systems’ eSite x10 – the world’s first power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites – for a rollout at new sites in Nigeria and Gabon. This is the third time eSite Power Systems and Energy Vision have worked together after earlier successful projects in Gabon and Burkina Faso.

Energy Vision, a telecom-focused energy service company (ESCO), is expanding its African operations into Nigeria and will be deploying state-of-the-art eSite x10’s across the country. Additional eSite x10’s will also be deployed in Gabon due to the ESCO contract expansion. Manufacturing of the eSites is ongoing in Sweden with shipments to Nigeria and Gabon planned before the end of the month.
“We aim to lead the telecom ESCO market in Africa, deploying the most innovative and technologically advanced infrastructure in order to offer our customers the highest possible power availability and SLAs at the lowest possible total cost of ownership”, said Ofer Ahiraz, CEO, Energy Vision. “With first-hand experience of working with eSite Power Systems in Gabon and Burkina Faso, we are confident that eSite x10 is the ideal solution as we grow our business across Africa.”
eSite x10 is the world’s first power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards. Pre-equipped to use solar energy, the eSites will be used to provide stable and dependable power at cell sites where the electricity grid supply is unreliable or unavailable.
In order to optimise the performance of each and every site, Energy Vision will be using eSite Tools – eSite’s built-in remote management system. eSite Tools has powerful and extensive capabilities to monitor, control and accurately report back to Energy Vision’s in-country 24×7 Network Operations Centres on each site power system’s KPI’s.
“Our ruggedized eSite x10 has proven itself to be the ideal site power solution to cope with Africa’s environmental challenges,” said Mattias Karlsson, CEO, eSite Power Systems.
“Energy as a Service demands the highest levels of performance and reliability from telecom site power systems. Our eSite x10 offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the toughest operational conditions and is the perfect ESCO solution.”

eSite Power Systems is a Sweden-based technology company specialising in telecom site power management systems. The company was recently spun out from Flexenclosure – which was going through financial difficulties – and is now an independent standalone company. “We went through a very challenging period with Flexenclosure in 2019. That is behind us now and we are financially secure, backed not only by a group of committed investors but also, as this deal shows, by committed customers,” said Karlsson. “We have retained our core team. We own the Flexenclosure brand, resources, patents and inventory. We have an exciting product roadmap. And notwithstanding the difficulties through the end of last year, we maintained uninterrupted customer support. So, while I am sad that Flexenclosure is no more, we are actually now in a better position to serve this industry than we have ever been before.”

About eSite Power Systems:
eSite Power Systems is a Swedish technology company specialising in telecom site power management systems. With over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing its award-winning eSite™ product, eSite Power Systems is a leader in its field and has pioneered the deployment of sustainable green power infrastructure across Africa and Asia. eSite x10 is the world’s first power system purpose-built for telecom sites. Designed as a maintenance-free, ruggedized and sealed unit, eSite’s outdoor rectification system, passive cooling and protective semiconductor-controlled power source switching secure 24/7 performance in even the harshest of environments.
Intelligent power harvesting from any combination of solar, grid and genset makes eSite x10 the most versatile system on the market today. And its fully integrated eSite Tools remote management system captures all site data, enabling KPI reporting, alarm management and energy optimisation of eSite networks. eSite x10 is the future of telecom site power. eSite Power Systems is headquartered in Sweden and has additional offices in Nigeria and South Africa.

About Energy Vision:
Energy Vision provides a full suite of energy services to MNOs and towercos across SubSaharan Africa, powering telecom infrastructure where the grid is either non-existent or only partial and unreliable. Energy Vision are pioneers of the Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO) business model in Africa, delivering high SLA for more than 4 consecutive years, founded and led by team of highly experienced telecom infrastructure professionals with cumulative experience of more than 100 years in the African telecom market.
Energy Vision provides a full end-to-end “Energy as a Service” including design, supply, installation, operation & maintenance with 24/7 NOC with real-time performance monitoring & control and upgrades to its highly reliable green, renewable power systems.
Energy Vision is backed by prominent institutional investors with multi-billion-USD funds, and is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

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